Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute as a Benji-man Button.

So there's a new man in my life.

We've been seeing each other since the first of the year,
I was walking my dogs...we locked eyes...

Comes to find out he just needed someone to love him,
(and a bath and good meal)

His name is Benji,

*full name: Benji-man Button

and he is a Korean Jindo that I took in off the streets.

I cannot tell you the joy this act of fostering has given me,
and the fun we have had getting to know one another.

It is so astonishing to me how many animals there are
roaming the streets of LA,
(rather, the world, but that's a whole OTHER issue for another time)
and to have taken this one in has given me great peace.

If you can, I highly recommend it.

However, now we are dealing with a mano-a-mano issue:
he and Cricket, my Blue Heeler, are starting
to duke it out for the Man-of-the-House title.

*Cricket on the left, Pippa right,
that's him passed out in the middle...

So it looks like its time to find sweet Benji a home.

*note, he likes kitties... likes to eat them rather

If you know of anyone who would love to fall in love with him,
as I have,
he's a good man.


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