Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The bazaar SLS Bazaar...

Last night I had dinner with my friend Paul
and some of his colleagues
(one of whom was the design manager on the project)
at the SLS Hotel.

After a quick personal tour of the hotel
including the Bazaar- the public restaurant/bar area
featuring 2 from molecular gastronome Jose Andres, who I ADORE-
we settled into the guest lobby's Tres Restaurant.

The cheese and charcuterie plates were lovely,
and I spent one of the season's last cold, rainy nights
snuggled on a gorgeous tan-leather Cassina daybed
(specially made for the hotel of course)
in front of a glowing fire.

Although I hate to say that Starck's work felt
somewhat overdone, confusing, and unwelcoming
and tried a bit too hard to be 'chic',

I was lovestruck over
the Patisserie-
an area of the Baazar focused entirely on-
you guessed it-

This Alice-In-Wonderland inspired kitchen,
with its white subway tiles, marble counters and glass jars
full of cookies, candies and cakes,
made me feel like a 5 year old on my birthday.

And despite finding the hotel to be a bit too much for my taste,
(Starck's understated-elegance Delano is a personal favorite)
I will be back.

If not for the delicious white-grape Mojitos,
surely for high-tea in Wonderland.


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