Monday, April 27, 2009

Treasure Hunt, anyone?

I met the most incredible woman
at the Los Angeles Antiques Show yesterday.

Her name is Sue Brown
and she has been collecting and selling antique jewelry
for the past 30 years.

She is this remarkable soul,
with short grey hair,
a beautiful UK accent,
and the best smile,
and I found I wanted her to take me home with her.

A few of her finds I was coveting
were the
Lapis Lazuli with 18K gold bracelet from 1890,

the Amethyst and 18K gold scarab ring from 500BC,

and my FAVORITE:
the Georgian English pineapple-cut
Mediterranean Coral necklace
from 1800.

*the most amazing thing is that the Mediterranean Sea doesn't even HAVE coral anymore
and coral typically fades with time, and for over 200 years old, these
amazing hand carved beads were still vibrant and GORGEOUS.

I was so moved by the fact that this
modern-day treasure hunter
was able to bring all of these amazing pieces together
in one spot for me to experience not only beauty,
but a sense of history, and an understanding of the precious nature
of some of the planet's timeless trinkets.

We were marveling over the notion
that a ring from 500 BC could be beautifully, perfectly intact,
and for sale at a ridiculously affordable price ($3500)
in a country that was founded just over 225 years ago.

Doesn't quite add up, does it?

Made me appreciate even further the
quality and simplicity of things done to perfection,
the precious gems AND those who uncover them.

Think I may have found my dream job...


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