Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty and her Beasties.

I went to my dear friend Claire's this afternoon...

(she is half of the founding genius behind my
FAVORITE T-shirt line-
C&C California,
and this will not be the last you hear about her,
as she has mad-style and inspires me to no end)

I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with JOY
when I went to use the powder room...

She had (finally) wallpapered it!
(I've been begging her to do it for some time)

And of course her choice was impeccable:
Timourous Beasties'
London Toile.

This BRILLIANT paper
captures the less than glamourous
aspects of the financial capital,
while, somehow, making it all seem so charming.

You can find it at Walnut Wallpaper
on Beverly Blvd,
a GREAT shop with nothing but perfectly selected,
incredible wallcoverings.

Another fairy-tale ending.


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