Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bronze with Envy.


I have been obsessed with The Sartorialist for some time now.

But now, he's just sent me over the edge.


Can we just talk about the style of this amazing
Brazilian woman?

It should be noted
that ever since I was a tiny little girl,
I have always wanted
long dark hair,
tan skin,
and deep dark eyes
(essentially, my polar opposite)
and now, here she is.

With AMAZING style.

Chic, casual, comfortable.

My style bible.


Spring, come soon.
I have some catching up to do.


Happy New Year.

The Holiday Season
flew by in a flash,
and I cant quite believe its nearly March.

These cold rainy winter months have been
nothing short of lovely.

walked in the rain,
hiked to the top of Griffith Park to see the rainbows,
seen every Oscar-nominated movie at the Arclight,
waltzed through museums,
poured over hundreds of shelter magazines,
stayed up late playing Scrabble in bed,
baked many a pizza from scratch,
and fallen in love,
in the recent hibernating months.

I am looking forward to the spring,
to the possibilities it brings,
and if the last 3 months are any indication of how 2010 is
bound to turn out?

Lucky me.

(my favorite piece from the French Landscapes at the Getty)

The Banks of the Marne at Dawn by Albert Dubois-Pillet...