Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cute as a Benji-man Button.

So there's a new man in my life.

We've been seeing each other since the first of the year,
I was walking my dogs...we locked eyes...

Comes to find out he just needed someone to love him,
(and a bath and good meal)

His name is Benji,

*full name: Benji-man Button

and he is a Korean Jindo that I took in off the streets.

I cannot tell you the joy this act of fostering has given me,
and the fun we have had getting to know one another.

It is so astonishing to me how many animals there are
roaming the streets of LA,
(rather, the world, but that's a whole OTHER issue for another time)
and to have taken this one in has given me great peace.

If you can, I highly recommend it.

However, now we are dealing with a mano-a-mano issue:
he and Cricket, my Blue Heeler, are starting
to duke it out for the Man-of-the-House title.

*Cricket on the left, Pippa right,
that's him passed out in the middle...

So it looks like its time to find sweet Benji a home.

*note, he likes kitties... likes to eat them rather

If you know of anyone who would love to fall in love with him,
as I have,
he's a good man.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April Showers.

I had the best dream last night.
*a fantasy, more like it

I walked in to a shop somewhere in wine-country
(good already, right?)
and there was an ENTIRE WALL displaying
Hunter Wellies
in a million colors and patterns,
and you could (GASP) custom design your own pair.

*maybe it stemmed from seeing this Jimmy Choo version a few days ago?
as close to fantasy as it comes...

The weather has been remarkably dreadful
these last couple of days...
(which really hasn't been a problem as I've been
tucked inside the new cottage tinkering away)

but I realized that it is nearly May,
and that the desert heat is about to fall upon us
like large down duvets in a sauna.

It made me already a little nostalgic for those cold, rainy days
where I get to jump about the city,
looking chic in boots that make me feel like
a 6 year old.

I guess I'll have to find a summer-time replacement
for that feeling...
maybe its wearing white eyelet-lace dresses,
carrying a purple parasol.

Maybe if I miss them too much, I can add these,

and turn on the backyard sprinklers.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adventures in Bloomsbury.

So, I've been checking in on
Lisa Borgnes Giramonti's blog
A Bloomsbury Life,
as she is a neighbor, and
we run in the same circles...

(she is considerably chic-er than I,
however we know a lot of the same
lovely brilliant Angelenos)

I just cannot seem to get enough of
her delicious anecdotes.

Her last post about her
gorgeous son, Luca,
and his adventures in their backyard,
(replete with adorable photo)
has me completely captivated.

*I mean, seriously. How cute is he?

Lisa, a self-taught embroidery artist, wife, mother and world traveller,
updates us with her brilliant point-of-view
on everything from vintage books to Farrow and Ball paint colors,
the best jam in London to brilliant wallcoverings.

She is adorable, a taste-maker, and I'm hooked.

*maybe I'll have to invite her to high-tea...


Monday, April 27, 2009

Treasure Hunt, anyone?

I met the most incredible woman
at the Los Angeles Antiques Show yesterday.

Her name is Sue Brown
and she has been collecting and selling antique jewelry
for the past 30 years.

She is this remarkable soul,
with short grey hair,
a beautiful UK accent,
and the best smile,
and I found I wanted her to take me home with her.

A few of her finds I was coveting
were the
Lapis Lazuli with 18K gold bracelet from 1890,

the Amethyst and 18K gold scarab ring from 500BC,

and my FAVORITE:
the Georgian English pineapple-cut
Mediterranean Coral necklace
from 1800.

*the most amazing thing is that the Mediterranean Sea doesn't even HAVE coral anymore
and coral typically fades with time, and for over 200 years old, these
amazing hand carved beads were still vibrant and GORGEOUS.

I was so moved by the fact that this
modern-day treasure hunter
was able to bring all of these amazing pieces together
in one spot for me to experience not only beauty,
but a sense of history, and an understanding of the precious nature
of some of the planet's timeless trinkets.

We were marveling over the notion
that a ring from 500 BC could be beautifully, perfectly intact,
and for sale at a ridiculously affordable price ($3500)
in a country that was founded just over 225 years ago.

Doesn't quite add up, does it?

Made me appreciate even further the
quality and simplicity of things done to perfection,
the precious gems AND those who uncover them.

Think I may have found my dream job...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

LA Antiques Show.

Spent the morning at the LA Antiques Show
(and saw the Governator,
another precious Californian antiquity)

Amazing works from all over the world were on display,
I was so moved and inspired by all of the incredible pieces.

I will post additional photos
and some yummy tidbits soon,
but just wanted to show off a couple of the
LOVELY pieces
I found...

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Sunday!!

*Neoclassical Louis XVI - style painted daybed - South of France - Circa 1880

*Charles Robert Ashbee for the Guild of Handicraft,
handmade pearl and turquoise broach 1880s

*Vintage Ikat hand-printed linen


Friday, April 24, 2009

Mmm... Amalfi...

My friend Claire was wearing one of
the new Amalfi shawls
while we were
furniture shopping today...

(during which we found an AMAZING
Paul McCobb console table- more on that later)

I went online to see if I could find them,
and found THIS.

Yes, these are photos of me, modeling Amalfi shawls.

*please note, I am NOT a model, Claire is just a

These buttery-soft wraps are THE perfect accessory
for Southern California living,
and rumor has it
are coming out this spring in REMARKABLE new vibrant colors.

Please DO contact me for more info about these AMAZING shawls,
you'll be lost, as I am, without one.


Succulent Succulents!

Here are some Succulent arrangements
I built for a client this morning!!

I love getting my hands dirty and
playing with these resilient plants.

So soothing.




WANT these.

Summer, please come sooner...

We have been having the strangest weather this week.

It was 100 degrees in the shade,
and now its 65 and cloudy.

That IS one of the things I love
about Southern California...

Sometimes I just feel like its TOO sunny,
and I want a little 'weather'.
*its nice to throw on a little cashmere...

Like today:
I'm wearing my fabulous J Brand jeans,

my boatneck charcoal grey cashmere sweater...

and flip flops.

Cozy. Comfy. Chic.

Not too cold, not too hot.

Juuuust right.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Home Day!

Just taking a moment of gratitude for
this lovely place we call home.
(Planet Earth, AND Los Angeles...)

I went for a hike this morning in Griffith Park.

The birds were singing,
(a hummingbird even came to say hello)
and I stopped to, yes,
HUG a tree.
(her name is Gretchen I've decided)

As I was walking to my car,
I heard another force of nature:
A LOUD New York woman.

"I don't understand Los Angeles. It's too hot, too busy,
and for the second largest city in the country, has no culture."

This of course got me thinking:

1) What IS the population density of our 'little' town?

2) What are the things that, to me, represent Los Angeles culture?

Q1) 3,849,378 people, which does not include the areas of
Beverly Hills, Culver City, Santa Monica or West Hollywood,
(4 areas that are surely a significant part of our thriving metropolis.)

Taco Stands


Beach Living

Canyon Culture

Green Living

Rock and Roll

Flip flops/tank tops

Farmers Markets

* just to name a few...

I have to say, although I appreciate NYC, and its
8,274,527 CULTURED people,
I think I'll stay right here, thanks.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LOVE it.

Ok, HOW fun is THIS?

Found this on one of my favorite blogs

It presents you photos of interiors,
and then has you rate it
on a scale of 'love it' or 'hate it'.

It then calculates your responses to
give you your 'style'.

Mine was a little different every time I did it
(THREE times)
but was actually quite accurate.
(French Eclectic w/ Cottage Chic)

Who knew Interiors could be so fun?


Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth's up, Dude.

Sunday morning we took the dogs
to the Huntington Dog Beach.

Pippa had a remarkable time
chasing after Cricket (as HE chased the ball)
and jumping head-first into the waves.

Although the water was still FREEZING
(it IS only April, afterall)
it was nice to spend a morning on one of
California's most beautiful coastlines.

Huntington Beach is the birthplace of
of Southern California surf culture,
where it was introduced in the 1920s,
and still holds the title of 'Surf City USA.'

Born of this culture is the Surfrider Foundation,
a non-profit grassroots organization
dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of
our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.

On Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, the Aveda Institute Los Angeles will provide complimentary haircuts, makeup applications, express massages and polish changes to raise awareness around its
Earth Month activities, with
100% of the donations received donated to Surfrider Foundation.
*Call 310.209.2000 to schedule an appointment.

SO, I know what I'm doing this Earth Day
(cut and style payable to a good cause)

And maybe I'll have to throw a surfing lesson in there for good measure.



I know I've been a little obsessed with Martha Stewart
these last few days,
and I promise I'll move on. Soon.
(there is just so much great stuff in the May issue!!)

For example:

I made these this afternoon...

(too bad the dogs can't have one, they look like they may melt into the floor)

Watermelon Coolers

8 cups 3/4 inch seedless watermelon cubes
(from 1/2 small watermelon, rind removed)
*plus more for garnish

Scant 2 and 1/4 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
* one 1/4-ounce envelope

1/4 cup cold water

1/4 teaspoon coarse salt

1 and 1/2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

mint of basil sprigs for garnish

1. Purée watermelon cubes in a blender/processor until smooth.
Press through fine sieve into large bowl and discard solids.
*measures 3 cups strained juice

2. Prepare ice-water bath.
Sprinkle gelatin over cold water, let stand until soft, 5 mins.
Bring 1/2 cup watermelon juice and salt to simmer
in a small saucepan over medium-high heat.
Add softened gelatin, stirring to dissolve.
Strain into a bowl set in ice-water bath.
Stir in remaining 2 and 1/2 cups watermelon juice and lemon juice.

3. Let stand, stirring often until beginning to gel, 15-20 mins.
Divide among 4 glasses, garnish with watermelon cubes.
Refrigerate until set, at least 2 hours or overnight.

4. Servce, garnished with mint or basil sprigs.

I can finally think straight again!
Thanks Martha!

*I think these would be GREAT with vodka... I'll have to try those next.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


I would like this please.

My new summer bag.

Made of raffia, lined with blue water-snake skin.

Perfect for a weekend away, a day at the beach,
or even a stroll through the farmer's market.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop and drink the Rosés...

Lounging around on this incredibly balmy
Spring day in Southern California,
I was flipping through the May issue of
Martha Stewart Living,
and came across a great article on Rosé wine.

Always eager to learn more about my
favorites things
(of which Rosé is one)
I learned:

"Capture the youthfulness and freshness of rosé by drinking
the wine within a couple of years of the vintage date and
soon after purchase. Rosés are almost always served chilled..."

Here are some of their suggestions for the perfect bottle,
(4 out of 5 of which come from, you guessed it, CALIFORNIA)
all under a recession-friendly $20.

Bonny Doon Vin Gris de Cigare Rosé (2007)
(which has an adorable website AND a Facebook page...)
"a dry pink-grapefruit profile with mineral tones,
perfect partner for a pizza topped with mortadella and mozzarella"

Soter North Valley Pinot Noir Rosé (2007)
"a peachy tint and ripe fruit aromas suggest sweetness,
but this dry wine pairs well with foods with tropical flair like fish tacos"

Copain le Printemps Mendocino Pinot Noir Rosé (2007)
"reminiscent of summer berries, a delicious companion to burgers"

Toad Hollow Eye of the Toad Dry Pinot Noir Rosé (2007)
"Fresh strawberry, grapefruit and ginger ale, the bottle had a lovely spritz to it!"

Folie Á Deux Ménage á Trois Rosé (2007)
(whose website states: 'Good Rosé is like a carnival in your mouth')
"a note of honeydew melon and some refreshing acidity, pair it with crab salad"

I'm so thirsty all of a sudden...


Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Chicken.

Last night the girls and I made a lovely feast.

My friend Jules roasted a gorgeous chicken with
fresh lemon and thyme,

and Mireya some butternut squash and eggplant.

It got me thinking how delicious some of the most simple foods truly are.

And who can speak to that idea better than
Chez Panisse's Alice Waters.

Her book The Art of Simple Food,
(among her MANY other cookbooks)
features recipes using fresh, simple, seasonal, organic ingredients
and focuses on the joy and splendor of
buying local, farmer-grown produce.

As someone trying to constantly up my
'Green' quotient,
and a natural people person,
I am really enjoying participating in my local farmer's market,
and have Alice to thank for increasing my appreciation:

"As a community, we share not only a commitment to protect our natural resources, but an appreciation for the value of food itself, a love for its taste and beauty and the deep pleasure it can bring by connecting us to time and place, the seasons, and the cycle of nature."

Sounds like the perfect time to plant my tomatoes.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beauty and her Beasties.

I went to my dear friend Claire's this afternoon...

(she is half of the founding genius behind my
FAVORITE T-shirt line-
C&C California,
and this will not be the last you hear about her,
as she has mad-style and inspires me to no end)

I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with JOY
when I went to use the powder room...

She had (finally) wallpapered it!
(I've been begging her to do it for some time)

And of course her choice was impeccable:
Timourous Beasties'
London Toile.

This BRILLIANT paper
captures the less than glamourous
aspects of the financial capital,
while, somehow, making it all seem so charming.

You can find it at Walnut Wallpaper
on Beverly Blvd,
a GREAT shop with nothing but perfectly selected,
incredible wallcoverings.

Another fairy-tale ending.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I filed my taxes today.
And for the first time in a LONG time,
I don't mind paying them one bit.

Might have something to do with this guy...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Jenna-rous.

Jenna Lyons, J. Crew's creative director
was featured in Vanity Fair's 'My Stuff' this month.

*Jenna, and her son, Beckett

I am so in awe of her grace and style,
(her home featured in Domino is always in the back of my mind)
and I've obsessed over the brand she's made perfect
since I was a little girl.

Here are a few of her favorite things:
*Converse low-top Chuck Taylors in white
* Vintage 1960's gold Rolex
*Cranes stationary
*Essie nail polish in Mini Shorts
*New Zealand coral peonies
*Amanyara- Turks and Caicos
*Nude, black and lavender

And here are a few of MY favorite things
in her collection this season:

*posie patent leather capri sandal

*sorbet-stripe cardigan

*metallic-linen strapless dress

*canvas atelier jacket

*large metallic leather gallery hobo

I love her work, and find her glamorous sensibility inspiring.
She's found another fan in our First Lady.
And that's a Crew I'm proud to belong to.