Thursday, April 9, 2009

C, I tooled ya.

Flipping through last month's C Magazine
(still catching up from a whirlwind month of March)
I came across the greatest spread
of 3 of my FAVORITE Los Angeles designer's offices,
but even better,
a list of some of their 'Tools of the Trade.'

Behold, the secret weapons of the minds of genius...

Peter Dunham:
* a magnifying glass that was Billy Baldwin's
*personalized stationary from Tiffany
*Vintage globes for far-away inspiration
*Vintage decor books for clout
*drawing by David Hicks, to be surrounded by the work of true genius
*The original chair from How to Marry a Millionaire for heritage

Barbara Barry:
*Glass carafes instead of water bottles
* Lamp light in place of overhead lighting
*Clean white surface as the presence of absence
and the potential therein
*Drawing tools for ideas that come in an instant
and need to be captured
*Bulletin board for tacking up images, to see
the connectedness in things

Kelly Wearstler:
*Wooden trays allow for play with a variety of colors and textures
* Cashmere throw
*Bold accessories to keep creativity flowing
*Prismacolor turquoise pencils
*Digital camera to photograph EVERYTHING
*Hermes notebook

Looks like I've got some shopping to do.


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