Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Home Day!

Just taking a moment of gratitude for
this lovely place we call home.
(Planet Earth, AND Los Angeles...)

I went for a hike this morning in Griffith Park.

The birds were singing,
(a hummingbird even came to say hello)
and I stopped to, yes,
HUG a tree.
(her name is Gretchen I've decided)

As I was walking to my car,
I heard another force of nature:
A LOUD New York woman.

"I don't understand Los Angeles. It's too hot, too busy,
and for the second largest city in the country, has no culture."

This of course got me thinking:

1) What IS the population density of our 'little' town?

2) What are the things that, to me, represent Los Angeles culture?

Q1) 3,849,378 people, which does not include the areas of
Beverly Hills, Culver City, Santa Monica or West Hollywood,
(4 areas that are surely a significant part of our thriving metropolis.)

Taco Stands


Beach Living

Canyon Culture

Green Living

Rock and Roll

Flip flops/tank tops

Farmers Markets

* just to name a few...

I have to say, although I appreciate NYC, and its
8,274,527 CULTURED people,
I think I'll stay right here, thanks.


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  1. Oh, love this post! As an ex-New York City dweller, I am so over East Coasters who can't find the loveliness that sprouts from every branch, bush and bougainvillea in this amazing city. That's okay...they can stay in NYC and leave the City of Angels to us happy people, "los feliz", who live here!