Monday, April 6, 2009

Sohn Song.

I met a lovely woman last September
through a random set of circumstances
(I bought a gorgeous desk chair from her off of CraigsList)

Her name is Heather Taylor and she co-owns
my favorite gallery in LA:

Heather and her partner Alex De Cordoba
have the most incredible eye;
my favorite being Jeana Sohn's work.

Jeana grew up in Korea and studied graphic design at CalArts,
and has the most ethereal, delicious pieces.

Her 'Collected Feathers' is my favorite piece of art in the city...

and her other works calm and move me.

She even does individual hand-painted wooden eggs
that are too remarkable to even try to describe here.

Please visit the gallery, and keep an eye on Sohn,
I know I will.


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