Thursday, April 2, 2009


It's official.

Domino Magazine has finally died.
They took the website to our favorite
shelter magazine down today, and replaced it with
Architectural Digest.

I cannot tell you how much inspiration I received from this
incredible publication, and would have to say
that it was one of the first pieces of inspiration
that made me realize that I really wanted to be an
Interior Designer.

The DIY projects, the gorgeous- yet approachable- layouts,
the brilliant photography...
I feel like I've lost a dear friend.

I think I will have to go through my collection this weekend and
see what issues I don't have so I can buy them on Ebay.

And we'll always have the bible.

RIP Domino. Thank you for creating another inspired
young woman hoping to create beauty in the world and
make it a better place, one perfectly chosen paint color at a time.


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