Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Chicken.

Last night the girls and I made a lovely feast.

My friend Jules roasted a gorgeous chicken with
fresh lemon and thyme,

and Mireya some butternut squash and eggplant.

It got me thinking how delicious some of the most simple foods truly are.

And who can speak to that idea better than
Chez Panisse's Alice Waters.

Her book The Art of Simple Food,
(among her MANY other cookbooks)
features recipes using fresh, simple, seasonal, organic ingredients
and focuses on the joy and splendor of
buying local, farmer-grown produce.

As someone trying to constantly up my
'Green' quotient,
and a natural people person,
I am really enjoying participating in my local farmer's market,
and have Alice to thank for increasing my appreciation:

"As a community, we share not only a commitment to protect our natural resources, but an appreciation for the value of food itself, a love for its taste and beauty and the deep pleasure it can bring by connecting us to time and place, the seasons, and the cycle of nature."

Sounds like the perfect time to plant my tomatoes.


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