Monday, June 1, 2009


Its been cloudy in LA for at least a fortnight,
and I've started to wilt due to the lack of sunshine.

Its starting to peak through as I write this,
but the cloudy June-Gloom days
have really made me appreciate my
normally superflously-sunny city.

May was a tough month for me,
(boy went away, job changed, ferocious killer-kitty bite)
so I'm happy to say that summer is upon us

and I'm SO ready.

This summer I would like to do the following:

Pick Berries.

Go to the movies outdoors.

Have dinners Al Fresco.

Bake a berry crisp.


Watch the sunset at the beach.

Ride my Hello Kitty bike to ice cream at Scoops.

Stroll through the Farmer's Market and shop for watermelon.

Sew a new summer sun-dress.

Drive to Santa Barbara for tacos at La Superica.

Go to Disneyland.

Swim in pools... at night.

Imbibe in Paloma Margaritas with the girls on the patio at Loteria.

and those are just a few ideas...
Sounds like a great summer awaits.

Now if the damn SUN would just stay out, I could get started.


1 comment:

  1. Ah those I have missed through these long cold months!