Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello, Moto... Benso Photo.

My friend Shaun is an incredible photographer.

Needing a new publicity shot,
I called on him to take some photos of me
that were neither too predictable nor out there.

I headed over to his studio,
some random outfits in tow,
and pulled up to this total babe on a motor-scooter.

His name was Gunner
(of course it was)
and he was picking up his proofs JUST as I happened to arrive.
(perfect timing)

*Gunner, the adorable motor-biker, as captured by Shaun

But I digress.

My POINT is that Benso Photo
(Shaun BENSOn: photographer)
not only made me feel like a supermodel all afternoon,
he fed me Mexican coffee, played groovy tunes,
and captured shots I am completely amazed by.

*Please note: none of these have even been touched UP yet...

If you're ever in need of a brilliant photographer,
please do call on him.

And Mr. Motorbike, you can call on ME anytime.



  1. Great pictures, fun blog! Love finding other lovers of California, isn't it the greatest state?!

  2. Thank you! And YES!! I'm in heaven everyday. Thanks for following! xx