Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blackberry Jam.

I got a random call from a dear friend of mine a couple of weeks ago.

His friend, a casting director, was looking
for people whose lives, essentially, depend upon their

*no, not THOSE ones.

*THIS one.

Of course he called me.

(thanks, I think, Jason.)

The next thing I know I have a film crew of 20
in my house to shoot me,
an Interior Designer, and DesignCupcake blogger
talking about my love for this brilliant contraption.

Of course I had about 24 hours to prep my newly-moved-into home
to make it look like I am a fabulous Interior Designer
whose home is done to the nines...

So I did what any girl would do.

I called on my friends Peter Dunham and Nathan Turner.
*which was a much more productive option than threatening to kill
my upholsterer to get my chaise and curtains finished in record time.

Everyone at Almont Yard
helped me complete my fabulous office,
replete with Peter's gorgeous Gibbs Chair

and his famous How to Marry a Millionaire rushed stool.

*The curtain of course is my FAVORITE colorway
(peacock/tea) of his Kashmir Paisley...

Nathan loaned me this INCREDIBLE custom dhurrie rug,
that alas they decided not to use, but is too delicious to not be mentioned.

*if the dogs didn't chew EVERYTHING on the floor,
this would be a permanent fixture in my home.

And it turned out so sweetly,
that now I'm re-thinking my entire scheme.

I mean, walking on to 'the set' of a fabulous Interior Designer's office
makes a girl question her decor...

Afterall, I'm not REALLY an Interior Designer, I just PLAY one on TV.


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