Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miami Vice.

Another cloudy day in Sunny SoCal.

A very dear friend of mine is visiting from Miami,
we are meeting up for dinner tonight,
and I can't help but feel sheepish about the weather.

Afterall, Miami is SO delicious this time of year...
(save for the occasional hurricane)
and I'm feeling a little silly bragging about my amazing California Coastline.

Makes me think maybe I should have headed HIS way...

To lay around on the beach,

and stay at the Kelly Wearstler-designed
The Tides South Beach

for some much needed R&R.

This hotel makes me SWOON,
I find it just absolutely perfect.

I imagine myself laying poolside, with a very large straw sunhat,
sipping some fruity beverage,
engrossed in some terrible girly novel
in my polka-dotted bikini.

It's no mistake that my favorite hotel in Miami
was designed by an Angeleno...

I guess even on vacation, there's still no place like home.


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