Friday, June 26, 2009

Do You Remember the Time...


My internet has been down for a week,
and I am quite shocked by how much it has rocked my world
to be so out of touch.

(thank GOD for my Blackberry, at least I have been SOMEWHAT
connected to the outside world via that tiny little screen)

So, it was via Facebook Mobile yesterday
that I was stunned to hear
that the King of Pop
had passed.

Now, I know that MJ has had some challenges in his time...
(who doesn't?)

But I will never allow myself to remember him
as the man who had such a troubled adult life.

I choose to think of him as the man that
made my heart sing as a young girl
in the Midwest in the 1980's
who so desperately wanted to be COOL.

Like him.

*1979, the year I was born

*Captain Eo was my FAVORITE

And as an adult woman, I still saw him as
a young, brilliant child,
who really just needed a hug.

So, Michael, I choose to remember you
as you TRULY were:
the most brilliant and talented musical artist of our time.

Rest in Peace, finally, sweet man.

I will forever be your PYT.


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