Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A long repose...

I have missed you all so much.

After a terrible bite from a ferocious beast,

*Marmalade, the ferocious California Alley-Cat

I was left somewhat paralyzed
(and thumbless)
for quite some weeks.

I am back with a thousand stories and adventures to share, 
and cant wait to fill you all in on the incredible moments
I've recently encountered.

To start:
I recently discovered 
(and subsequently became obsessed with)
a local Los Angeles photographer,
who takes photos of animals in her studio, 
and captures THE most incredible moments.

I am trying to decide which of the many I want to line my hallway, 
I'll post some shots once I've decided and installed them.

Thanks for standing by me in my absence,
I am so excited to get re-acquainted.


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