Thursday, May 7, 2009

To each her own...

I went to the LA Flower District this morning
and was awestruck by the incredible
display of spring.

The peonies were in FULL bloom,

Lilacs are back,

And the hydrangeas were so fluffy and delicate.

I even fell in love with the ROWS of tulips,
which have never been a favorite,
but they just remind me how MUCH spring is HERE.

Its like a living museum.

I could spend hours just walking around,
smelling the different blooms, taking in their colors.

Now, I know...
I DO have some issues with the cut floral industry,
and DO believe it is important to be aware of what goes IN
to bringing us these blooms.

This awesome book, and article, touch on some of the issues...
(pesticides, humanitarian issues, fossil fuel emissions)

But I'm starting to get a tad softer on life in general, loosening the rules.
Because if I am not allowed to appreciate the beauty of something already
underway, meaning something already harvested etc,
I am denying what is happening for ME, the beauty I am experiencing,
in THIS very moment.

The way I've found a compromise?

I bought nothing but THIS:

And it will flower for 6 weeks, and I can lovingly
tend to it and encourage it to bloom again.

I'm starting to see that we CAN make different choices
to show up for ourselves, and our planet,
in a different way,
But that we can at the same time appreciate and savor the moments
that life presents us.

Happiness, like all things, is a choice, an attitude.
And so I bless all the lovely blooms that wait to make some mother
incredibly happy this Sunday,
and sit quietly and enjoy my orchid.

To each HER own.



  1. So funny! I was just there on Wednesday, buying baskets at Moskatel's. I want to go on a Thursday sometime (perhaps with you)...I'm happy that you bought the're so saintly that I think I would feel guilty buying flowers around you!! xx

  2. My orchid is making me SO happy!! And I AM OBSESSED WITH MOSKATEL's- THE best. Let's do plan a Thursday visit soon, and maybe I'll have to buy some lilacs- they ARE my favorite, and I can't deny myself simple luxuries, now can I? xx