Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heard it through the Grapevine...

Looking out my bedroom window this morning,
I was shocked at how quickly
my grapevines are growing...

To see the tiny little seeds of grapes starting to blossom
warms my heart.

Its no secret what a fool I am for wine...

One of my dreams is to retire to Sonoma
(Russian River Valley to be exact)
and rehab an old house into a fabulous boutique inn,
with an award-winning restaurant,
and delicious vineyard.

*isn't this just BEGGING to be turned into a gorgeous inn??

I would spend my days tending the chickens,
caring for my grapes and roses,
and throwing fabulous luncheons for my guests.

*THIS is actually for SALE in Healdsberg...

Nights would be spent telling stories around a campfire,
roasting marshmallows with folks of all ages,
and drinking wine I'd bottled myself
before tucking away
for a deep, restful sleep.

I may desire to travel this world and explore its glorious locales,
and will spend much of my time doing so.

But my heart and soul forever belong in California.


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