Monday, May 4, 2009

Whitsunday of Oz...

I clearly need a vacation.

And on a Monday,
WHAT better topic than yet another gorgeous locale?

Scanning some of my favorite blogs
(there are some GREAT ones out of Oz)
I stumbled upon Bespoke Press,
a lovely letterpress boutique's journal

and saw

*they are travelling here now

Ok, what ARE the Whitsunday Islands?

An archipelago of 74 individual islands
bordered by the Great Barrier Reef
in the Coral Sea
off the coast of Queensland.

Yes. Please.

I would love to hop aboard a
tall ship and sail from island to island
for at LEAST a month or more.

Oh, yes and Also, please note:Bespoke has the
sweeetest limited edition prints...

I mean, I love California,
but I gotta say,
the land of Oz is looking pretty good right about now...



  1. that blue is insanity. i feel joy just looking at it... xo

  2. Isnt it DIVINE? I MUST sort out a trip there soon... I've never seen water so blue!! xx