Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Design Stars...

What a crazy week it has been.

The wedding went off swimmingly, and the move is nearly done...
(photos of both shortly)

Amidst all of the insanity, I managed to get to a party or two
to celebrate the beautiful art and design
of some remarkably talented people.
(More details to follow this week...)

Last Thursday (I know, that was nearly a WEEK ago) I had the
pleasure of meeting
a lovely young artist- Cameron Kelly- who was part of the
JB Blunk Residency Exhibition at Reform Gallery.

This amazing artist, who lives in San Francisco and works for an Interior Designer as a day job, had the most inspiring works, one that floored me the second I entered the gallery.

A HUGE Eucalyptus tree trunk, in gold leaf, on a
large violet piece of photo paper.
I'm obsessed.

This artist is one to watch, and I am having a smaller version
(the original is at least 6'x8')
commissioned by this rising talent.

Please do see her website,, for more inventive pieces
(a herringbone-skinned rock, perhaps?)

And visit my friend Gerard's Reform Gallery for more incredible
works of art;
The Sam Maloof rockers are to DIE for.

Stay tuned for more fabulous goings-on from
the inner sanctums of WestWeek!

Until then...

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