Friday, July 24, 2009

The Dawning of a New Era...

I am turning 30 tomorrow.

My 20's were filled with many an interesting experience...

They began at UCLA Theater school,

while producing the Pussycat Dolls at the Viper Room
(before their current incarnation, thank heaven)


and travelling around Italy, France, Portugal and Spain
kissing cute native boys and drinking various regional varietals
(my favorite being Brunello di Montalcino),
while dancing late at night, and taking naps on the beach.

*I lived in Marbella for a while. It didn't suck.

Then on to my career in production,
working the red-carpet at the Golden Globes and other award shows,
rubbing elbows with Hollywood's finest
(and discovering they are really JUST people,
something I didn't expect while growing up in the Midwest cornfields)

and living at Villa Primavera at Harper and Fountain,

*James Dean lived in my unit

while having a wild and brilliant night-life filled tryst with Los Angeles,

before meeting a strapping and brilliant European man at 22
and moving to
to be with him.

*Nice view.

For a while.

25 brought with it a move to a bungalow in Venice,
and Preppy Propaganda,
my short-lived but heart-felt
non-profit political T-shirt line,

*the Future Voter one was my favorite

and my stint as a nanny
(loved that job)

before discovering my passion for Interiors at 26,
(while up to my elbows in hardy-backer and stain,
fixing up a house for resale in the hills,)
and living in Hancock Park,
strolling through
Larchmont Village with a Peet's coffee in hand.

Succulent was born while I was 27,

*this was always my favorite arrangement

and seeing a handsome and lovely (motorcycle driving) lad
who lived in a gorgeous loft at 4th and Main downtown.
(We used to wander the streets late at night,
and eat huge breakfasts at The Pantry)

*they have the best pancakes in the city

This final year of my youthful decade
brought about the closing of Succulent,
the launch of a blog,
my re-entry into my passion for Interiors,
and my move to the sweet cottage on Hudson Ave,

where my 30's will begin.

In the morning.

My 20's were a blast.

But I have to say,
out of all the places I've lived in LA,
of all the jobs I've worked,
of all the men I've dated,
of all the places I've travelled,
of all I've experienced
during that carefree yet challenging decade,

I cant imagine being ANYWHERE else
but RIGHT here,
RIGHT now.

With you.



  1. A very happy farewell to what sounds like the terrific 20's! Trust only gets better in your 30's!

    Hope your birthday was FANTASTIC!

  2. Thanks Mel!! It was delicious- Viceroy Palm Springs Pool... post of the details to follow soon! xx