Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, Say, Can you See?

What a great 4th of July.

A very charming, and handsome, young man
took me on his brand new Ducati Monster 1100
out to Malibu,

replete with festive, holiday-appropriate helmut.

*Cute right?

The ride was gorgeous, and I was surprised
that not only did I feel SAFE on this powerful machine,
I actually found myself wanting one.

(I would like to create a NEW genre of female rider-
the Biker CHIC- sans K)

His looked similar to THIS:

*apparently, this is the Governator's manufacturer of choice

And mine, I'm guessing, would look more like this:

*yes Ducati now offers custom colors on their Monster 696 models

Anyway, we drove out north of Geoffrey's,
(which has THE best Cadillac Margarita in the UNIVERSE,
and the views, of course, are the best in LA)

to a friends rental off of PCH.

*quite palatial, no?

We grabbed a Corona, changed into our suits,
and jumped in the pool.

(well, ok, technically HE did, I stuck my toe in- BRRRR- and decided
I had risked my life enough for one day)

Hot tub for me.

After some time chatting over basic BBQ conversation:
who does what, with whom, and when,
and the inevitable mention of Iran,
and Michael Jackson,

We changed and hopped back on our sweet ride.

Back in town, we regrouped, and headed up the hill
for the Ghetto Fireworks Extravaganza
at Claire's.

The views were amazing,
and as we watched 'The Rocket Man' and 'American Pride'
regale us with their spark-ed glory,
we laughed as the shrapnel flew,
and the kids screamed in glee (or horror, I wasn't quite certain)
before heading back down the hill to call it a night.

Returning home, I was somewhat worried
about what the dogs would think of our time-honored tradition
to blow things up very, VERY loudly.

Cricket and Pippa were fine,
Benji on the other hand was NOT a fan.

*Poor little bear

(When I let him out to go 'potty' he subsequently ended up UNDER the house.)

Not the kind of 4th of July's I remember from my childhood in the Midwest,
but I must say, the California way has something going for it.

I'll be back.


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