Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Legend of Sleepy... ME.

Happy Halloween!!

I couldn't decide which fete to attend tonight,
and to be really honest,
I wasn't sure what I felt like dressing up as...

(I was thinking of going as a Mad Men era glamourpuss-
my grandmother was a style MAVEN
and has given me the majority of her remarkable dresses)

Upon checking in with myself and realizing that
1) I am tired
2) feel too old for the Los Angeles crazy Halloween Party madness
I decided last minute to just stay in,
make some chili,
and knit,

with the dogs and some Halloween movies.

Now I'm not really one to handle scary horror flicks-
(especially alone on a chilly Halloween night.)

So tonight's viewings were

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

and Sleepy Hollow.

These films make me happy in SO many ways.

The fabulous party...
Linus sitting in the patch, waiting patiently...
I remember watching the special on TV as a kid,
with my mom, all curled up with some popcorn.

I've always thought Charles Schultz was such a brilliant man,
and since he lived, wrote, and cartooned in
one of my FAVORITE places on earth,
Sonoma County,
I cant help but love him.

*It is said the scenery for the infamous Pumpkin Patch
is meant to be in Sonoma

Then on to Sleepy Hollow,
a film I find to be one of the MOST
remarkably art directed/production designed
(not to mention costume designed-
HELLO Colleen Atwood= GENIUS)
films ever made.

*Can you PLEASE look at how GOOD the
deer heads are? GASP.

I love the sets, the cinematography,
even the old world New England accents
(not to MENTION Johnny Depp's every feature)

*He's kinda handsome

It makes me want to pack my bags
and move to New York State,
buy a farm, raise chickens and cows,
and make cheese.

Course, I guess moving alone, with the dogs,
to a place like Sleepy Hollow would
scare me even more than the madness of Los Angeles.

*And I cant imagine the men are anywhere near as delicious as Ichabod Crane...

At the VERY least there are no Headless Horsemen here.
Not that I've seen recently at least.

Guess I'll stay put.


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