Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home again, Home again...

It's good to be back.

I needed a little time to reflect,
take a couple of mini-breaks,
and regroup.

After a long, hard summer,
it was time to turn within,
and get back to nature.

A trip home, to the cottage on Lake Michigan,
was just what the Doctor ordered.

I also made a stop at Sequoia National Forest,
and said 'hello' to General Sherman,
a 2200 year old, 275 ft tall, 36.5 ft round

*thats him.

He was lovely.

There was of course some work sprinkled in there...

I planned a cocktail party for Claire
using my favorite caterer:
Love Catering.

Jonathon is a DOLL
and they are nothing short of tremendous to work with.

I recommend the mini Niman Ranch burgers,
and the pizzas...

The Lavender Lemonade cocktail was a hit,

and their famous bittersweet chocolate brownies
were just YUM.

I also assisted my friend Katie Fine
with a charity design project for the Skid Row Housing Trust;
we designed an apartment as part of a
design showcase fundraiser
in a record 2 day install.

*It turned out so beautifully, I'd want to live there...

What a blast, but PHEW was I wiped!
Katie, were there cameras, or did it just FEEL like we were
on a reality show? ;)

A few dinner parties,
a couple of great movies,
and one delicious date,
(he took me to buy a watermelon),

have brought me back,
revitalized and ready to focus
once again on my true passion.

Sharing the world of design,
and all the things I find remarkable,
with you.


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